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Together I Gather

Together I gather
We can achieve the impossible
Our strength will never be feeble
All our voices will be heard
And our thoughts will be fed
Through a single channel

Together I gather
If we work as a team
We can achieve all our dreams
Draw up from our thoughts, some warm steam
Reality will only look us in the face and beam

Together we can separate
The weeds of wrong from right
Be strong and stand up in the darkness or the light

Come take a walk with me
It is already very clear for me to see,
Isolation is not the way forward
Motivation and inspiration is a wonderful product
Of togetherness

Together I gather
We can build a nation of love
While the Lord watches from above
Every road that is bent with a curve
Shall be straightened by us

Together we shall conquer
One at a time
In the right order

Together never stays young
But is always formidably strong
Hence together I want to walk with you
Without bypassing any queues
My only hope is you feel the same way too

Copyright 2005 - Sylvia Chidi

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