WK (March 22,1957 / Metaire, LA)

Together We Can

I know that you are hurting from the pain of these past days.
I see you searching for a kind of peace, a peace within.
You're struggling... so hard, just to survive.
You find it hard to live each day.
You want to find a way to dry the tears from your eyes.

So, take my hand and let me walk for a moment, here by your side.
I am here for you today and whenever you should need me.
I am here to be your strength when your energy seems all gone.
You see, we are like angels, but angles with only one wing.
We can do so many wonderful things by ourselves but,
at times, we need each other for special needs.
At those times, we need to call on another's spirit to be by our side.

Struggling with a hurt so strong can take its toll.
It drains you every day.
So I offer my strength whenever yours seems to be gone.
When the battle seems all but lost.
Just take my hand and let me stay here by your side.
You see, I also need you today.
My battles are also being valiantly fought.
I'm often not as strong as I might appear.
But I call on God's strength so that I can give some of it to you.
Then, by holding tightly to each other
and each spreading a wing, we'll get past the pain and hurt.
You see, by unfurling our wings together, we can fly.

(c)  March 26,1998

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you showed so much emotion and spirit in this poem. I am at a loss of words to describe how i feel. This poem is one of the best i have read. Great job!