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Together We'Ll Journey (Tri-Fall Poem)

(inspired by Meggie Gultiano and Karin Anderson)

Just look at the Eden
around you
reflecting beauty from within.

Seek the inner haven
within you.
Let the world do its daily spin.

Seek all that you can love.
Chase your dreams.
Tread the land and cross the mountains.

With blue bright skies above
swim the streams.
Use your heart and soul like fountains

To freshen all with drink
of your love
And lead them off the path of pain.

With a dove as a link
from above
Together live the path to fain.

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You share your truth with grace and poetic force using the tri-fall form with skill. Sadly, there are so many in our consumer-driven world who always see the glass as half empty. I guess they will never really understand the wisdom of your words. It's always reassuring to read work inspired by others. And to witness the infectious nature of creativity. Love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
A beautiful journey inspired by two wonderful poets...your expertise with the tri-fall form is amazing too...Thanks Ben...10+++
Wow Ben! This is so inspiring to me, and of course I think your words are just so aptly placed knowing how a Tri-Fall poem takes time and discipline to write, and might I add this is a double one! I am so pleased I inspired you. The wisdom within this poem is a fine message for humanity to follow too! love Karin
A very inspiring piece, would you care if I'll join you in this journey. I haven't travel for so long now. It's okay with you? Joking only, nothing serious, four is a crowd. Go on with your journey and writing.
a wonderful journey and an inspiring thoughts...great poem to ponder.....10
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