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Tokens Of Love
OOJ (01/04/1973 / Syria)

Tokens Of Love

What gift can I give her in token of my love?
It should be something most women think of!
Something like a book, a perfume, or a rose.
She can read the book wherever she goes.
When she reads the book, my love grows
My name shall be on every page she reads.
It's not the book; it's my love she heeds.
I know women like perfumes so much.
I think a small bottle will be a nice touch.
Every time she wears some, I'll be around.
The scent she smells will keep her bound.
I think a rose or two will be a great gift!
As women, we know, identify with it.
It could be red, yellow, white or pink.
A rose of any color is a joy they think.
I think a book, a perfume and a rose.
Shall bear witness to my noble cause.


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What is the poetic device used
Sometimes honest words from deepest inside is the rare treasure u can give for the best gift to the ones u loved most... Because it stay in mind forever even if u gone and even all the tangible gift vanish...
Very sweet and energetic. A well deserved poem of the day. I enjoyed this poetry of love. Endearing.
Sure, give her all three. Why not? My wife only likes one brand of perfume, and only certain kinds of books, but just about any flowers! Congratulations on Poem of the Day!
Love begets love. A token of love is a love indeed. Book, perfume or a flower of rose, they all will translate into one thing i.e. love. So, don't worry, a loving heart will recognise the feelings carried by the undercurrents of a gift Thanks for such a nice poem.
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