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Poem By Egal Bohen

When we are angry at mankind
Or rave at some depravity of mind
When we would curse behaviour of a kind
To argue, rather than to view benign
It is with our own self we battle wage
When choosing not to understand, nor to engage
With that from which we isolate our self
With anger sent, to where, perhaps is needed help
Lest fearful, reason may just find the time
With tenderness, to enter in our mind.
And so it is perhaps from loss of our own face
We are so quick to shout of their disgrace
But we should not lose sight of our own sins
Though, in different colours dressed, appear they in
For is not all, of nature in this life?
The good, the bad, together, love, and strife
As nature, this is how such things will be
So it is not how loud we shout, but what we see
And seeing do, to help, to liberate
To free with tolerance, not shut the gate
That is
How it should be

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Comments (2)

Wonderful..especially last two lines...well done Mr.Egal.I like your poem.Kindly read my 'Tolerance' slightly different from yours.Thank you
That is stupendous Egal, what a marvellously written poem, I really did enjoy reading that. It is so, so true. Sincerely Ernestine