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! Tolstoy On Love
MS (8.4.1929 / Marton, Lancashire)

! Tolstoy On Love

Poem By Michael Shepherd

Love is life. Life is love.
Everything I understand,
I understand only because
I love.

Everything is,
everything exists
only because
I love.

Everything is united by
love alone.

Love is God
and to die means
that I, a particle of love,
shall return to Love itself, whole and complete,
the eternal source of Love itself.

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Comments (4)

That IS Tolstoy. I find myself liking him more - you put it so gently. t x
Sweet, they say... Tolstoy was an old toughie who reached these words through a fierce life... maybe he'll come back as a woman novelist?
That Tolstoy was a woman then? lol Clever and very sweet write. 10 from me. Grinning Tai
ahhh...so sweet....Michael....yes, I can, on occasion, handle sweetness.