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You are fire,
i am the water,
together i shall sizzle you.

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I agree with the others, that your other stuff is garbage. But in candor and fairness, I must tell you, I have read much worse on here. 'Tom' is not a throwaway. Going by some of what I've seen, its only drawback is that it has your name attached to it. That gives everyone a free shot. Make up a name, do some more short stuff like this, post this one, and see what kind of comments you get then. Greenwolfe 1962
This is a genuine Haiku. To be authentic it should bear a reference to one of the four seasonings, pepper, salt, marijuana, tabasco. It has classical images, two of the four elements. I've forgotten, but a nun once told me how fire can sizzle in water and vice versa. This keeps people from falling off, when they reach the edge of the earth. Bye. Wonderful poem,123,1234,12345...And tomorrow we shall be six.
Or clearly the author had too much 'Firewater' when writing this poem.
yo i so argee with rocco.
man this sucks, its sixxling my brain reading this