Tom Barry

Tom Barry was a rebel and a soldier his fame it has outlived his lifetime span
In Ireland his name lives on as a legend the man who was feared by the Black and Tan
Before the Crown forces feared and loathed in Ireland Tom Barry and his fighting men refused to cower
In the famous ambushes at Crossbarry and Kilmichael though outnumbered they overcame the forces of a World power.

Tom Barry was a hero of war as a teenager in the battle fields of Europe in World War one
He was quite fearless in the gap of danger his mother in him raised a warrior son
A seasoned soldier in Ireland's War of Independence the British had a reward on his head
Him and his rebels had killed many of their soldiers they would feel happy for to see him dead

Tom Barry was born in Killorglin in County Kerry Rosscarbery in County Cork was his dad's Hometown
In west Cork in Ireland's War of Independence Barry and his rebels fought their way to renown
He was one who survived many a battle and died in peacetime at a ripe old age
The warrior in his younger years with time grew mellow in battle he had spent his youthful rage

Tom Barry was a rebel and a soldier one who inspired the writers of story and song
The ambushes at Kilmichael and Crossbarry to the history of Ireland now belong
As a young man he fought in bloody battles where many of his brave young comrades died
But he lived on to become a National hero to survive he did have luck on his side.

by Francis Duggan

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