Tom Falvey

A good father to his sons Tod and Conor and a good husband to his wife Maureen
'Tis sad to think that in the Town of Millstreet that in the flesh he'll never more be seen
Tom Falvey always was the quiet achiever never did promote himself in any way
Well liked and down to earth and rather gentle and only good of others he did say
I last saw Tom in the West End of Millstreet on a cold November day twenty one years ago
The last time that I ever did speak to him what the future holds who is to say or know
So many people we knew in our young years that we will never meet or see again
Old friends don't die they live on in our memories and 'til our own end with us they remain
Tom Falvey never did sing his own praises he never was one tainted by conceit
He was a very humble sort of a fellow one of the quiet achievers of Millstreet
'Tis sad to think that he is gone forever but there has to be an ending to us all
The reaper claims the lives of everybody to his scythe we are destined for to fall
The World was better for him living in it he is now with the deceased of his Homeplace
Tom Falvey will be sadly missed from Millstreet where for many years his was a well known face.

by Francis Duggan

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