Tom Hafey

Tom Hafey the A F L football legend and four times Richmond Premiership coach has passed away
On his eighty second year of life he lived his last night and day
He exercised every day for most of his life span
But he lost his battle for life with cancer the legendary man
He did not drink alcohol or smoke tobacco and of his health took good care
But even supremely fit and health conscious people cancer does not spare
And some things in life does come at a huge cost
And Tom Hafey who had won many great battles his greatest battle the battle for his life lost
Tom Hafey who had inspired in his honor many a poem, story and song
A man who had known huge success as a coach with Richmond, Collingwood and Geelong
By thousands of fans of the Australian Football League is mourned today
On the life of the great man the Reaper has had the last say
And though his greatest gift the gift of life from him may be gone
The legend of Tom Hafey in death will live on.

by Francis Duggan

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