Crying In Anguish

Loneliness. The calling card of sorrow
Depression and anxiety and misery
Falling into the depths of the pit
Dug by myself, deep without exit
Cursing my very existence
Breathing air filled with hopelessness
Doomed to wither and rot with time
A simple sentence for the final push
Covering the pit with malice unintended
Sealing the depths forever
Locking myself in for an eternity
Helpless and hopeless, I fumble
The darkness is my light now
Unexplained agony searing through my veins
As I stumble and fall deeper

An eternity passes before the seal collapses
What comes out is unexpected
The man that fell in
But a mere shadow of himself
Afraid of everything
Shielded from everyone
Eyes darting everywhere
Eyes filled with hopelessness
With misery and anguish
With sorrow and despair
Stuck in a hell of his own making
Insecure and self destructive
Never again will he touch the same
Write, read or see the same
In nature
For once betrayed
He has lost
Once loved
Now indifferent

A cry of anguish fills the air
Still unbelieving of what occurred
Unaccepting of his fate
Nowhere to go
None left to trust
The future, bleak it is
Holds nothing of consequence
He wanders the earth
Cursed and fated to be alone
Cursed by himself
For one might have loved who he was
But now he hated who he is

by Tarakesh Govardhan

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