Tomatoes, Cucumbers And Pumpkins Oh My!

When you plant you are one with nature
As the plants grow you are a nuturing mother
Because the plants take time to mature
And in time it will be more like your brother

A plant requires love in addition to dedication
And if there are others helping you with planting you will need cooperation

As a plant goes so does ones love
As the sun shines down from above

Then the rain comes and quenches the plants thrist
After soaking up the sun for its energy
And then the first few peddles of the flower burst
Or the plant turns into the vegetable it was always meant to be

by Rebecca Bell

Comments (2)

An interesting and cute poem, but dear me, why do the flowers have 'peddles'? Could you really mean petals, perhaps? Read mine - Spring - Adeline
very interesting! you should look at my new poem Prisoner Of War by taylor hakala