Tomayto, Tomarto
Whatever you may say,
This common food
Is seen everyday?

As Tomayto sauce
Or the Tomarto soup,
Afraid of its kind
It hides from that group.

The Tomayto or Tomarto,
A friend of the peas,
So desperate to play,
It hides its seeds.

It’s carried around
In a packet or bowl
Surrounded by its bullies
That makes it feel small.

This common food
Whatever you may say,
So shy of the others
It tends to stay away.

Tomayto, Tomarto
Whatever you may say,
This unloved object
Prefers to stay AWAY!

So, Tomayto or Tomarto
I don’t care how it’s said,
All I really know
Is its very good with bread?

by Paul Humphrey

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