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Tomb Of Secrets
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Tomb Of Secrets

Poem By Miss Fairytale

My cherry stone heart bleeds sweet
Eyes drown in black
Lips drawn in pink.
My multi-tonal hair bleeds down my back
In curly ribbons and split ends.
Slit open my sky
Make the icy waters pour down on me,
Clear, seeping liquids
Flooding the edges of my imagination.

Essence of angels fills me from the deep end then
Slashes me open to see inside
Filling me up just to watch me escape.
To the end
My sweet companion rides my semi-clothed back,
Until the end
We'll ride these waves of time,
Until the sun does drown in a full moon embrace
And the ocean does cry from her bleeding womb.

A tomb of secrets is opened
and revelations revealed,
A great pressure upon the sky forces him to crumble
and the clouds just float away
like nothing ever mattered.
Nothing is always constructed of substance
and substance never matters.
Nothing ever matters
In the end.

My calm silk heart sings sweet
Eyes sing a frail melody
Pale as my face and kind as an ocean of sleep
An ocean of time
where the sky stands still
ready to fall down into the foaming sea
and let it take over.

But I'm still laying here
Slashed open and strewn all over
My sky; you slit it open to drown me in.
This little piece of world I could call mine is not for just me anymore,
You're here slicing me up and watching me escape demons and angels
Crying and fleeing, trying to rescue myself
from your insatiable desire to control.
I'm amazed yet slightly amused by the strength of your fragility
And my heart never ceases to wonder how you can bleed so loudly
with your lips sewn silent.

3rd May 2004

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