Tombstones Are Greedy

I didn't know that
tombstones are greedy.
I came to talk to you,
and they all looked at me,
and waved unseen hands,
of named ones in the air,
that said, this one too.

I thought they fought with ants,
over their contents the bodies
of souls, mingled with dirt
but found they fight for me,
to look at them and wonder,
who lay in there so silent.

I thought I was alone,
and yet there was a contest,
fighting for my gaze,
to turn in the direction,
to which my eyes wander,
thinking of the loved one,
whose message is so clear.

Who lies in here was beautiful.
who lies in here was never sick.
Who lies in here was strong,
princess of lonely spaces she
If you do not say 'hello.'
you will miss a message,
from beyond the now.

I said a loud 'Hello! '
It echoed in the loneliness
arrested my own thinking,
and walked all the way home with me
for someone told me,
they died unfulfilled.

by Sarah Mkhonza

Comments (8)

Hello Sarah! I just stumbled upon a comment you once made on a poem of mine. So I read this one of yours - very novel idea idea about tomstones being greedy. Good one! Yes, the grave is insatiable. Funny, I just wrote a poem on a similar theme: Sitting on the wall between life and death.
An insightful piece of poetry that portrays the uneasiness around cemeteries, well articulated and elegantly penned with conviction. Thanks for sharing.
Interesting write. Concluded with beautiful lines. Many lay in graveyard with unfulfilled dreams may be the time was less or didn't give priority to their dreams. Loved it.
That last stanza is amazing....the image of those gone, perhaps following the living, seeking that fulfillment they have been without...
What an interesting poem about a visit to the graveyard. I hope you didn't go at night.
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