Tommy Brooke

One greatly admired in the Moyne Shire countryside
It was a sad day for many when Tommy Brooke died
As one of the trio of entertainers Tommy, Tuddy and Mick he was widely known
And he will always be remembered as one of Koroit's own

A motor mechanic in Koroit for decades of years
His passing left many who knew him of close to or in tears
Though getting on in years in his mind he felt young
At the Koroit Irish Festival his last song he has sung

One who to help people often went out of his way
Those who knew Tommy of him only nice things had to say
One who to his higher self remained ever true
In his passing he was accorded the respect he was due

A likeable fellow of old Koroit Town
One who never did yearn for wealth and renown
A musician and singer he led many a sing along
And he did know the words of many an old song

Among his deceased friends in the quiet of Tower Hill
His heart that beats with kindness is forever still
And though from Koroit Tommy Brooke is one of the forever gone
In all who knew him good memories of him will live on.

by Francis Duggan

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