Tommy O' Connor Did Dream

Of greatness for Millstreet Tommy O Connor did dream
That they would be the first club in Duhallow to have a senior hurling team
And against the best clubs in Cork County with success compete
And win the Senior County Championship trophy for the green and gold of Millstreet

An under age hurling tournament held yearly in Millstreet Town park in honor of the name
Of the man who was passionate about the hurling game
A love of hurling a great game played with speed and skill
In the youngsters of Millstreet he tried to instil

Of the game that he loved quite a passionate man
In a Town and Parish of many great Gaelic footballers a true hurling fan
But the biological clock eventually becomes everyone's foe
And Tommy O Connor he died many Seasons ago

He never did live to see Mark Ellis a young Millstreet club man and a great hurling player
With pride and distinction the red jersey of Cork wear
Something Tommy O Connor the Millstreet man who loved hurling did not live to see
And sadly for him this was not meant to be

For the young hurlers of Millstreet Tommy O Connor dreamed of renown
Of a Cork County Senior Hurling Championship trophy in the G A A club rooms of Millstreet Town
But his dream did not die with him it lives on today
Wherever the young hurlers of Millstreet do line out to play.

by Francis Duggan

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good to hear about Tom, F.D.