Tommy Tucker Lives On

No Gaelic Football team in Ballydaly today
Though memories of what was slow to fade away
They did have a good team in Seasons long gone
But i bet the hope for a team in Ballydaly in Tommy Tucker lives on

The mentor and coach of many a Ballydaly Gaelic Football team
The likeable Tommy is a man who does dare for to dream
That Ballydaly in the Duhallow Championship will again line out to play
Hope does spring eternal as the wise one does say

In rural Ireland in the twenty first century changes are happening fast
But then few things in life ever does seem to last
Ballydaly may never have a Gaelic Football team again
But the hope that they will in Tommy Tucker does remain

Beyond Duhallow and Sliabh Luachra's borders Tommy Tucker is well known
But in Ballydaly they are proud to claim him as their own
With great people skills and free of conceit
One of the most genial of characters in the Parish of Millstreet

A positive fellow for to give him his due
To the cause of Ballydaly he remains ever true
To the dream that Ballydaly will again have a Gaelic Football team Tommy Tucker does cling
It is true about hope it is a wonderful thing.

by Francis Duggan

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