Delia Of The Metasphere

in 1122 I'll fall to the ground for you
princess O princess of rosemary dew
you know it takes two
to tango fandango

Delia - heartbound; foundling born tired
forsaken vixen of dying light
a submarine ghost
a rose dale long closed
infidel lost little girl still admired

her royal affairs of turquoise red
flew into newborn on a death bed
into the rabbit hole of paranoia
that's chimerical, that's flamboyant
how easy can dreams come to an end

it's noontide of deathless urban decay
in a separation station of her heyday
Delia's timorous, cold like iron
living the fate of Sharon Tate

feeling redundant, Delia is
a scarecrow of nameless river
her russet hair like abbatoir cleaver
it's been a folly,
end of me
end of a saint, soon-to-be sinner

she was the girl that was ill
Delia of the lavender hill
travelling light year by light year
Delia of the metasphere

by William Greco

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