GH ( / hamilton ontario canada)


Just a year ago we had a home
now here i sit with 2 kids
with just the clothes on are back
in one room bathroom down the hall.

As i try to lay my head down to sleep
hoping the kids dont hear me cry
I can hear those words
'But your safe thats what counts'
'tomorrow is a new day'
but how do you explain to your kids
your homeless
we can never go home.

Well tomorrows have come and gone
and still today without a home
We live each day on a prayer.

Sometimes as my kids lay asleep
I wonder if i stayed would it been better
We had a home food and i had a job.
But i realize this thought is just a moment
at one of my lowest and lonelist times
This will past and there will be more tomorrows.

Just maybe one of those tomorrows
will be our today.

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aww! that's real sad. But keep living each day on a prayer and like you said, tomorrow might just be today! ! i am glad you are so optimistic and i hope things work out for you! All the best N.N.
Im so sorry...hopefully dis site allows u to heal// dis wuz so touching but keep ur head high and dont give up i admire u so! ! becuz u keep prayin thru everything u goin thru ill b praying for u also! DLG