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This one is kinda bad sorry!
The girl sat,
She sat on a mat
No one dried her tears
No one fought her fears
When she grew
No one knew
No one said I love you
No one taught her a cow says moo
Everyone forgot
About the girl that wasn’t taught
To say her name
Or any game
That girl now lies
As she dies
She knows all
And refuses to fall
She wakes
All these people are fakes
She doesn’t die
She doesn’t lie
She wakes up like us
And goes to school without fuss
She hides the pain
She loves the rain
When she drowns in sorrow
There is always tomorrow
When someone breaks down
She helps them not frown
There is always sorrow
But remember,
There is always tomorrow.

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there is always a tomorrow which will be a better day than long there is life, there is hope for happy tomorrows.nice wishes. ritty