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"Stay with me 'til morning, Love, for when tomorrow starts.
You know I have to leave, my Love, and there'll be two broken hearts,
So hold me close, my darling, when you hear those distant drums,
And love me gently through the night, until tomorrow comes.
You know I hate the war, my Love, and I don't want to go,
And I'd rather stay with you, my Love, and watch our children grow,
And I shage that secret fear, my Love, with a million mothers sons,
So love me gently through the night , until tomorrow comes.
I've heard the sabres rattling, as their cavalry drew near,
And I've seen the sunlight glinting, on many a steel - tipped spear,
But the boy's won't go without me, when they hear those distant
So love me through the night, and pray tomorrow never comes.
The Somme. 1916.
"Over the top, lad, " the Captain cried,
Where once a forest of tall trees grew,
Before the shell and the bullet flew,
And now the trees are gone.
"Over the top, lads, and give 'em hell,
And ignore the toll of the 'Reapers'bell"
He said,a moment before he fell,
And now the Captains gone.
The spandau stammered and the schmeisser screamed,
And good men lay on their backs and dreamed,
Some dreamed of mother, and some of wife,
And some of them even dreamed of life,
But now their dream has gone.

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