It Is

Cant get you out of my mind
Why do you always pop up everytime i try to forget
I fall in and out then back in love wit you
But clearly i know i will never unlove you
Everything i do always ends up being about trying to find the one thing thats so true
But everything is always been a lie
Because another like you is im trying to find
But why do i keep searching when i have already found it.
And the this one time i let you go with another you fell in love with
Does she know what you are made of?
Why did you say those things to me?
Because what i have become is wat they made me be
You brought her around me ad tried to convince me you were happy
But i know you werent because you played that song about crying
Every text you send i know you are trying to say somethinhg
Why dont you just say it and stop hiding.
If i do come home will you be real
ANd release all the feelings you feel.
You told me and I know.
Yours and my love isnt suppose to hurt people like so
Miles apart maybe thats for the best
Cuz we wont have to actually ever get to be together but can you forget?

by beruska tooo

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