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Patience, is what I need
It’s only been an hour, and I can’t breathe
Aggressively, turning in my bead
Picturing, you in my head

I can’t get passed, the sheer brown of your eyes
Feeling this sensational rush, I think I’m hypnotized
I think about you, in everything that I do
Even the food I eat, reminds me of you

If I touch my arm, it doesn’t feel the same
As it would if you did, I think I’m going insane
To my friends, you’re all that I talk about
I can’t help it though, I want to scream and shout

I’m alone when you’re not by me, since you make me feel so free
I’m caged in the surrounding, until you’ve unchained me
Like a Dragon with one wing, I need two to fly
With you so equally, we combine

But once you go, even just for the night
I’m back to a groan, because I feel half of me died
Words can’t label the way I feel for you
Though, I have my times where I can’t deal with you

Sometimes I hate it when you finish the exact sentence I was going to say
Sometimes I want to be left alone, because I admire my space
But none of that would matter if you weren’t here
Now it’s only been 2 hours, yet I can’t bear

Watching the sunrise, knowing somewhere, you are too
The colors paint your face, making me even more, want you
From the softness of your lips, to the gentleness of your face
I can’t even dream, without you in it some place

I spend extra time on my hair, putting makeup on my face
Deciding what to ware, changing again, and again, until I’m satisfied to state
I watch everything that I do, so you could adore me as I do you
I make sure I’m in a great mood, so you’ll end up too

I can only think about our times together, when you’re separated from me
Wishing, praying, you’ll live another day, just for me to see
Waking up in the mornings just to hear your voice
God didn’t abandon you, he made you my choice

So here I am, lost, sick with sorrow
Wanting you to hold me through the night
Only thinking of Tomorrow
When you’ll be by my side

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