Poem By Abhijit Surve

Why think about the uncertainties everyday,
Live here and now for this moment today..
The moments of joy which have come our way,
Grab each one of it, don’t let it fade away..

Keep what you've got don't ask for any more,
Hold my hand tight we'll walk by the shore..
The love that we yield from our hearts very core,
Shall cave in a way, if we find one small pore..

The flashes of life which were our true finding,
All sweet occasions that do keep on reminding..
You're free to keep living for time is unbinding,
And the moment this stops, I'll keep on rewinding..

Don't think of tommorow, this day has just begun,
Just sit back and enjoy every instance of our fun..
In a world we are together where our life is one,
I'll be right by your side until this day is done..

Our sweet life today is all ready to enhance,
Come sing a song with me, come lets have a dance..
Live out your life while you’ve got the chance,
Lets turn this reality into one of our trance..

All i can give you is my happiness to borrow,
Bring a smile on your face in days of sorrow..
Stand waiting for you at the end of the furrow,
I don't want to make a promise for tomorrow..

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