Tomorrow And Today

There's a beauty now within my soul
Brought in by you, who is happy and whole,
I am nourished by a spiritual rain
And vibrantly alive once again.
This gift that you share with me
Shines light where darkness used to be,
It continues to show a very clear view
Of a wonderful place we are travelling to.
The kindness in your eyes speaks a deeper truth
About a higher wisdom's spirit of youth,
Which plays a song of love from inside your heart
Revealing the importance of this fresh, new start.
For to journey together, holding each other very close
Provides the unbreakable bond sought after by most,
And no matter where we shall go or where we'll arrive
It will be as one through which we will thrive.
I have felt your touch and tasted your sweet kiss
Now the voice of my life says to make that special wish,
And soon the music of angels will tenderly play
Fulfilling the dream, for tomorrow and today.

by Mark Daley

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