Tomorrow For Me

Tomorrow for me will be another day
And i hope to wake from sleep in the dawning cool and gray
When the birds chirp and sing in the freshening breeze
Just before sunrise on the bushes and trees

In Nature in this sunny Land of the South
There is always so much for one to rhyme about
In latter November in the southern Spring
How pleasant to hear the birds whistle and sing

The home of rosella and magpie and the black and the white cockatoo
And of koala and wallaby and kangaroo
Of pittosporum, eucalypt and wattles trees that are widely known
One might say of them they are Australia's own.

The artists and writers by this great Land inspired
Of singing Australia's praises one never grows tired
Of an old race of people that are so old in time
They have long predated human history and they have outlived rhyme

Every day in Nature so much to learn of and see
And i do hope that tomorrow will dawn for me
For like all other mortals death is my destiny
In some future time whenever that will be.

by Francis Duggan

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