Tomorrow For You May Be Better

Tomorrow for you may be better if luck is not with you today
The big win at the pokies or lotto from you may not be far away
We all have our good and not so good days that's life one would have to suppose
And money and greed are companions and because of them friends become foes
One day we will receive the karma the karma to us that is due
And that you will find the devil in money is something that does seem quite true
Tis not easy for one to be happy if a good meal one seldom does eat
The homeless do not have cause to feel happy on the dark lanes off of Poverty Street,
Some will tell you all people are equal and to that they do add in God's eyes
If this be the case God does need glasses for the poor he does not recognize
One's hundred dollar bill to another's hundred dollar bill may be equal but equality does seem to end there
In big brother's eyes the pauper is not an equal of the one who is a millionaire
But lady luck herself is an egalatarian and though she may not be with you of late
Your friend in despair she may well be for tomorrow she may be your mate.

by Francis Duggan

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