Tomorrow Is Another Day

Old lady luck's not on your side and things for you going wrong
And you feel weary in your heart you've battled for far too long
Up the steep hill of your hard life and your sense of despair
But tomorrow is another day and you should hang in there.

Tomorrow is another day and at dawn the birds will sing
And the lark above the knee high scrub will carol on the wing
And who know that tomorrow for you might be your lucky day
Our destiny not in our hands some have been known to say.

The factory you worked in of late for business has closed down
And you may not find another job in this high welfare Town
You must support your wife and young children on the pittance of welfare
You and your wife have talked of selling house and making a fresh start elsewhere.

You battle on against the odds you won't throw the towel in
In life so many have to lose till their chance comes to win
Saturday night is lotto jackpot night a ticket you should purchase
Five million in your bank account would bring the smile back to your face.

Tomorrow is another day so do not lose all hope
On welfare life can be so tough and you have learned to cope
With life on a low income you live near poverty
So you hang in there for yourself and your wife and family.

by Francis Duggan

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