(August 26,1974 / New York City, NY)

He Who She Consumes For All

The ones who take the circumstance of the ways might be possible if he has the courage to strive for the challenge. As if she wonders in ways that is not there. Besides if there is no one to describe for, then why take the chance to do the same-difference again. Now as she seems so impossible, there may be chance for a good response that would receive in a good consequence. May the loneliness be strive for a better outcome but not too low for she who gives up the strive she consumed in that one person. As he says now that he always will hope that the long run would be a whole lot better for the two adolescent than making a strong fro dean slip that can’t be taken away for all! Why consume the strength that’s not their? RESPOND! ! !

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The fresh break of dawn gives a new life. We live in the present and do good now only. Nice poem with a powerful message. Thanks for sharing.
We have one thing in common a new day tomorrow.