Tomorrow Mourn'

Tomorrow Mourn’
A chance to remove life’s thorn
A days past removes your cast
And shows you hope will always last

In fact hope has no expiration date
No limit on lamentation
Hope breeds tomorrow’s beauty
And lightens the hardship of others cruelty

Tomorrow holds so much more than a new day
It opens the curtains to the next act in our play
Where we become Strong find somewhere to belong
And understand the best is yet to come
But, Is that the total end sum?

No, I will not lead you with such false pretense
Nor will I lie about the difficulties life will dispense
It will be a dog fight
You will run and shove and push yourself to get to the light
And if you succeed you will fly higher than the highest kite

But don’t be dismayed by a stumble or fall
Take my hand, and I’ll make you taller than all
Now, together we can walk off into tonight’s colorful dusk
Tomorrow we will wake and do what we must

Remember hope is a seed to be planted every single day
And with that
Tomorrow Mourn’
You can do whatever you may

by Erik Gillette

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Tomorrow holds so much more than a new day Very hopeful.. God bless you