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Tomorrow's Ending

Tomorrow's Ending
Written by: Wilfred Mellers,30 August 2015

If tomorrow the world was ending
How would I the time spending
Would I enjoy each minute pending
Would I just waste it in pretending

Silently beating the storm of distant drums
Sadden eyes cries for tomorrow never comes
For some withered roses never blossoms
No more birds left to eat breadcrumbs

No more time for playing games
Smoke covers the fragrance of burning flames
Not everything science explains
Brief is the span the monarch reigns

If it does all go up in fire
Will there be things still to acquire
Imprudent Monkeys decorated in evening attire
Silence comes from the pacifier

Idly by standing while it goes down the drain
The affluent binge on cheap champagne
I abstain from the mundane I restrain
For not long all pain will remain

No more oceans that divide us
Petty jealousies quantified we're suspicious
Brutality worldwide now justified homicide
Adorned in black the Christmas bride

For every ending marks a new beginning
For the world would continue on spinning
For as it turns it slowly burns
Pontificating the savior returns

No, not an instant more would I waste
In your hands, my heart is placed
When it culminates what would I do?
Every moment I'd spend holding you

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The world, as any of us know it, could end abruptly. To love, as you hope in this poem, is the only comfort