Tomorrow Today

Sometimes, our mind is on tomorrow, what it will bring,
how will it be,
will it rain, will it be sunny, will it be happy, and
will the world be free?
What will we do, go shopping, got to work, go on vacation,
what will we fill our day,
always thinking about tomorrow, be it work,
cooling our heels, or out at play?
But tomorrow, is, tomorrow, what about today,
with all that is happening around us,
we must not dismiss it away.
The sky may be gray, it may be clear sparkling blue,
birds are singing, fish are jumping, and
it’s all right here, now, for you.
There are people that will smile at you and ask you how you are,
a friend will wave at you as they drive by in their car.
A loved one will kiss you tenderly, to show you that they care,
glad that you are with them; so happy you are there.
Tomorrow is, tomorrow, and here it will find its own way,
so enjoy this day that we have, tomorrow for us may not come.
Who can say?

by Ruth warren

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