CG (10/29/1924 / Honolulu Hawaii)

Tomorrow Will Begin Anew

Today we have naming of parts; we have to do the daily cleansing of our souls, For tomorrow will begin anew.

Today we have actions that we must take, as winter is ending the morning dew,

Words and actions that must construe, deeds not words,

The bee’s fly forward and backward, seeking out the nectar they so desire.

In rapid flight, Birds twiddle as they fly from the south, in unison, their path laid out,

Today we must be thankful if we were of the few, to wake up with no sorrow,
No bad pain,

For some a wealth of ideas, a brand new start, for some to lose it all, and

Some will get the call, to leave this earthly life, .their time not renewed,

Today, be thankful, treat it as your last. Wait for tomorrow to begin anew.

©Charles Garcia
January 18,2006

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