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Tongue Twister (Experiment/Humor)
(12/31/1968 / hudson falls, new york)

Tongue Twister (Experiment/Humor)

Wise willie went to the world of wacky Walter's to wildly waltz
the wiggly waddly worm with witty Wonda at winter
Sassy Sue struts somethings while skiing steep slopes on
Saturdays through some spruce and slips and slides on splinters
Happy Harry hitchhikes the hippi-tee-hop as he heads home
hastenly on the highway with humongous hops
Slender Stanley steals seven salami slices for sandwiches
on the sea shore at the salad station's sub shop

Both Brad the blind bastard and Brad's bud Brian becomes
befundled by bourbon, brandy, beer and booze
Terrible Tim and tiny Tom tries to tongue twist through
their thousands of tremendous troubling talks
Crazy Charles challanges comrade Chad to a contest
chasing childishly in combat with colored chalk
Finally forgetful Frank foolishly flips for funny Fanny's frame
falling on his face like a feeblish fool

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