Tonight, I found a good reason to stay.
His words Inspired me in everyway.
I saw myself in a much better light.

Tonight, I realized I had a better chance.
He flashed me that smile and it made me feel good.
The stars danced in his brown eyes.

Tonight, I want to start doing whats right.
I want to follow my dreams and be happy.
I want to try my best.

Tonight, I want to give my heart and soul to a much better life.
I want to become that best that I can be.

He made me determined.
He showed me that life really isn't that bad.

Tonight, I discovered a hero.
I took a good hard look at life

He opened my eyes; and made me see that giving up is not the answer.
He gave me strength.
He showed me how to have faith.

Tonight, he gave me a reason, a reason to try.

Dedicated to:
Matt Yeats # 1

He is my inspiration, the reason I still try, the reason I don't give up. The night I met him was the night I found a much better reason not to let go of my dreams.

by Carly Stanley

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