CJ ( / Miami, FL)


how do i go on?
what do i do when the night doesn't call for sleep?
the thoughts of you keep me jumping from emotion to emotion
feelings aren't facts, they say
i long for You and you
wondering and know if and that you might feel the same way
what do you do at times like these?
to cope?
my fears of bad habits are intense
i give them to Him
my insecurities are like bars to a cell
they keep me locked away from the good things in life
the reasons for living are all around me
yet the hit-man of reason
puts up gates in my mind
killing the sight of beauty
turning the mirrors that go by upside=down
blurring reality
guilt paralyzing my body
while i am in the ocean
tries to drown me
tells me i have no arms or legs.
how then can i swim?
he lies!
don't believe him
call upon your council
and all will be well
it takes time
to differentiate
the true from the false.
i will keep my focus set on the road
that really goes somewhere
hoping, always hoping.

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