MT (July / Kentucky)


my hearts beats like hoofs running on a floor. Uneven and staggered. pain jolts through my body like lightening on a stormy night. My tears are the rainfall that splashes on the ground. Every step i take away from you my world crashes a little bit more. My mind is going crazy. Thoughts i cant place. so many changes, so many separations from the people i love, the world i knew. i can't bare to be away from u. much less, deal with the agonizing pan that comes from my endless worries about what your doing and how your feelings when i cant even hear your voice once during the day. Tonight, i needed you. To ease the pain, to dry the tears, and settle the nerves about my new life that only keeps building. As if separation isn't bad enough, i spend what feels like endless days hoping that we will be okay. tonight, i lay in bed, alone, with escalating nerves, waterfalls of tears, and the nightmares that lye ahead. Tonight, ill miss you.

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Maya Angelou

Caged Bird

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