AR (3-2-1945 / California)

Tonight I Slept With My Guitar

Tonight I slept with my guitar
Sheet music scattered across the floor
None of my dreams got very far
Each one had you closing the door
The closet’s empty, the suitcase is gone
Was it the drinking, the staying up till dawn
The songs were suppose to be the key
Building for the future for you and me
But the words they would not come
Stuck somewhere on the tip of my tongue
I could write the sweetest melody
But nothing compares to the hurt you left in me
I just couldn’t find that missing chord
I took chances I could not afford
I tried to live in a fictional place
Where happy endings are easy to embrace
Where magic dragons rule the earth
But the prize at the end had no worth
So tonight I slept with my guitar
Staring long into an endless night
And I know you leaving will leave a scar
That I can’t erase no matter what I write

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