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Tonight Is For Me
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Tonight Is For Me

The lights are off and the room
is dimly lit by aromatic candles
Light jazz teases our ears
enhancing the mood but
Not defining it
A tub filled with warm water
Perfumed…lilac and vanilla
The warm water embraces
Our bodies…loosely
I lie against him….relaxed
Comfortable and secure
I feel him harden against me
I am flattered
I know that will wait
Tonight is different
I will be taken later
Not against my will
But on my clock…after
After my time…
He rubs my shoulders lightly
Nuzzles my damp hair
Moves it aside…
Warm breath in my ear
A tongue flicks now
Against my neck
His unshaven cheek
Tickles my own

The now tepid water
Has served it’s purpose
Foreplay to therapy
Or euphoria? …
We rise…
The water sluices from my body
His wet body glistens
In the flickering candlelight
His eyes…oh his eyes
They never leave mine
As he dries me
Tonight is for me
A thick cotton robe awaits
As I turn I notice
He is aroused
I am flattered again
For I have not touched him
Not physically
Not sexually
The bed is next
Sheets of satin…turned back
I disrobe and lay my face
Against the fluffy pillow
I can close my eyes
I will not be surprised
His role is known
Tonight is for me

I feel him now
On the bed…moving over me
His hands on my back
Muscles crying for his touch
And then the warm oil
His hands…rough
Not calloused or broken
But unlike my own
Each muscle he masturbates
Has it’s own orgasm
First shocking my body
Then soothing it…soothing
I melt into the satin sheets
He misses nothing
Each fire is extinguished
By his magic hands
And warm oil
I am spent…drained
I turn over to kiss him
He is aroused…again
I am flattered again
I am ready now…to be taken
I pull him nearer to me
Atop me
My legs part to accept him
One more muscle
One more orgasm
Tonight is for me...

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Rudyard Kipling


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