CB (03-03-1953 / Albion, Michigan U.S.A.)

Tonight Is The Night

Tonight is the night that I will bathe you with subliminal massages;
Tonight I will suckle your soul...set you afire...touch every part of you.
Tonight is the moment for you and I to give each other our hearts, our minds, our long, lost souls.
I quiver to think of such a delicacy of making love with you.
I wait patiently for you to arrive and surrender yourself to me...the one who loves you just as you are...
With all of your genius qualities, your passion to satisty my inner most want of you.
My breath is taken away every time I hear your voice, whether you be talking, or murmuring sweet words...
Or setting the world a glow with the music that comes from the depths of your heart.

Tonight my love.....tonight.. I am going to love you like you have never been loved before.
Tenderly I will touch you, stroking my hands on your body...let you feel my love...absorb it all...it's only for you.
I will seek your eyes lovingly, savor your cheeks, touch your lips lightly...
Let my mouth warm itself upon your own...indulging our tongues to taste one another.
How succulent you are. Love to savor you, every inch of you...slightly brushing my lips as I travel along your body.
Tonight I want to love you more intensely than the last time.

As I love you, I will ponder your eyes and read the words you have not spoken.
As you touch me, I will relish in your arms and allow us to become what we want to be...in love.
I love you more and more than what mere simple words can express;
So I choose to show you my love.
Actions speak louder than words, thus we know.
Tonight...I am going to love....you will feel it my love.

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Wow! Sensuously said. Fortunate man!