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Too Amused
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Amused

Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

Relying on me to have compassion?
Perhaps with a dash of empathy...
Garnished with medallions of sympathy.
And served potluck on a buffet of love?

For your loss of possessions you obsessessed...
Reflecting none of the aggressiveness achieved,
During your climb towards 'success'.
I can only remember those times,
You found my struggles humorous at best.
With a touch of defamation to my name,
You slandered with such happiness!

Were you counting on me...
To breakdown my defenses,
To dispense pitifully dipped misery?
In an obvious dismay of an array of emotions,
Mentally displayed.
You must have relied on me being that way?
Did you?

How tough do you think I am?
I ask myself that sometimes!
I think that's a good question...
Since I have no idea,
How to make it clearer to you
I am not the one to pursue to destroy.
For fun...
And/or curiousities inflicted done.
Since the only reason
I am not annoyed...
Could be,
I am too amused!
And that is the feeling you supply,
I must enjoy witnessing...
Watching you cry,
Without the slightest feeling.

I suppose this too shall pass!
Like the sound of your laughter has!

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