JC (February 8,1985 / Fort Myers, FL)

Too Bad That It's Over...

Too bad that its over
When it had hardly just begun
I wasn't head over heels for you
Not yet

My feet were just beginning
To be lifted into the air
As you found your way into my thoughts
And I smiled about your hair
And the way that it smelled
And the way that it fell
Arond your lovely face
Which hold the lips that mine had kissed
I never knew I would feel like this
About a kiss
I like hugs better

I felt a change was coming about
I felt a change without a doubt
A change for the better
A return to myself
In time I feel I would've walked around
With my head down
But not hanging because I wouldn't be sad
I would hang instead
Upside down by my feet
Happily form a cloud of you

I didn't love you yet
But I was gonna
I knew it
I could have
And still can do it
If you let me
I respect that you have feelings

We were going places
And it could have been fun
Too bad that its over
When it had hardly just begun


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Rudyard Kipling


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