Too Bad We Can Not Cease Our Addictions

Under steeples in pews praying,
Are the people of faith deep in their wishes...
With eyes closed tightly,
As the preacher peeks silently...
While cobwebs drop,
From ceilings high.

Some are seen uneasy freeing inhabitions.
As symbols are squeezed,
Or ritually brought to lips to kiss.
With the hope these actions,
Protects them from superstitions.

While many minds are on sipping liquor.
With a mixing of that scotch on the rocks...
To guzzle as if punch or soda pop!

Even in the sacred of places...
It's too bad,
We can not skip the thinking...
Of taking a nip or two,
Of those habits...
Crooks can not loot from us.
Because we wouldn't have it!

Do not harm anyone in my family.
And IF I can make a special request...
I will give the combination,
Of the safe where the valuables are kept.
But whatever you do...
Please don't touch my booze.
You have no idea...
What that booze has help me through.'

We keep our addictions,
As if guarding Fort Knox!
And when the preacher stops praying...
Some folks are nudged from nods,
To 'a-men' themselves with their heads cocked.
As if overwhelmed by a scripture with a message...
'Too much CAIN will attack any ABLE left,
In one's brain! '

It's too bad we can not cease our addictions.
It's too bad we can't give them to the crooks...
Who prescribe them to keep us hooked.

by Lawrence S. Pertillar

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