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Too Blind To See
JC (6-19-90 / Omaha, NE)

Too Blind To See

All the times I hurt you,
when you'd sit and pout.
I didn't do anything wrong
but to try and straighten you out.
Something inside of me
it stronger than in you.
And you shouldn't have to blame me for
all the crap you get into.
I make a lot of mistakes,
just like you do.
But I don't try and hide from them,
I change them on the spot,
Because I know it will make me grow,
Rather than fall down.
Hiding weakness doesn't allow
for a brand new start.
Instead it follows you straight
to your broken heart.

Isn't it funny how life is like this?
Too blind to see
where we really are.
(Lost between the scars of tomorrow)
Too blind to see
how we're really treated.
(What you do to me)
Too blind to see
we were really blinded from the start.
(too close to the edge, ready to fall apart)

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