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Too Close

We have not known each other long,
But from what I've seen I've grown so fond.
You've left an impression on this heart,
But the more I love the more we part.
I've fallen deeper and want more in this,
And now I know it's you I miss.
I pray for you to change your mind,
I only wish that it's me you'll find.
My gift from god, my sweetest sin,
But the difference between us, my chance is thin.
Your smile and hugs, your touch, your eyes,
Will make me resort to secrets and lies.
Seeing you makes my eyes light with hope,
But now what I ask, is how do I cope?
The time we've spent, unforgettable to me,
I knew it would end, why couldn't I see?
I'm really trying hard to move on,
But each day without you seems far too long.
And I question myself, when will it end,
Well not today, my hearts still on the mend.

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