(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Deep That It Sits Untouched!

Too deep that it sits untouched!
Just inches below the surface...
If an itch was scratched!
And under their feet.
But leap years away,
From those caught up...
In divisions.

And visions growing within them dim...
When the slightest 'light' enclosed inside,
Is trapped!
To allow an ignorance flourished to set in!
Beginning a diminishing,
Blowing a blind dust to addict and attract,
Until a rusting holds them back!

And that which is considered too deep to touch...
Into familiar charading masquerades.
Paraded and chased...
By those barely thriving,
Without lack of insight!
Once glowing bright with promise.
To assist a few who dared to acknowledge...
Just steps away lay the keys,
To unlock their minds from confinement!

Too deep that it sits untouched!
'Underwhelmed' with a persistent stubbornness that insist...
Those gifts within their reach,
Can not be so near.
Unthinkable it is!
And to accept thoughtlessness.

Too deep that it sits untouched.
A treasure chest of 'jewels'
As much as they perceive themselves.
Floating above the surface to mingle unashamed,
Without a purpose...
To rightfully claim what belongs to them to proclaim!

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