(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Early To Tell

It is still too early to tell.
If good in the battle with evil,
Will prevail.
But truth is proving all over the place,
It can put up a fight.
In a public display today never before seen.
Scaring those in denial.
And dropping jaws of others.
With kept deluded beliefs.
Deception is being abandoned.
Yet still there are people evil.
Hoping their appearances,
Under church steeples effectively impress.
If they fake to have faith religiously.
And stay to pray long enough.
Their wicked ways will be protected.
And God,
Forgiving, loving and Father of Hugs.
Will not recognize these predators of peace.
For the thugs and demons they are.
It's still too early to tell.
Since God has yet to reveal,
If those who deceive truth are deluded.
Or those who delude their faith,
Have lied to do this honestly.
And if they did it to protect themselves,
From being beaten publicly.
By a truth and seek refuge to escape,
The embarrassment of defeat.
And these are the difficult decisions,
Only God alone can make.
Time will tell how well things turn out.

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