(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Easily I Am Wounded

Torned by random runs.
With a direction unspecific.
Split between continuing,
On a path thick.
And ladened with unknown obstacles.

Keeping faith does not make my fears go away.
I pray to limit my steps.
I take deep breaths to correct.
I slow my pace not to waste on hasted regrets,
Too familiar and too long to undo.
To prove I too can be hardened.

Although torn by random runs pursued...
I make sure I stay in shape.
To prevent a complete breakdown,
Of emotions.
I have shakened awake from heartbreak.
Past mistakes I created.
To eventually forgive. Heal and pardon.

I am perhaps too distrusting,
I will invite another.
To allow a discovery...
I am vulnerable.
And I can not escape from it.
Too easily I am wounded.

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everyone has their semsiive place where they are easily hurt just take care