(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)

Too Far To Get Someone

I don't see anything attractive!
Not a thing to keep me busy.
Nothing as a gadget either.
No remote or a sign of a frisbee.
No TV or radio.
Or music played from a stereo?
Not even an instrument or a piece of art,
Hanging around.
This is rather stark!
This moment is profound.
No floral arrangements or magazines...
Nor a clock or a calendar to be found!
And you sent messages to me...
On your PC...
How delighted we would be discovering an 'e-mailed' love!
One meant to be?

But you left out more than one important fact...
You said you had a Tabby cat.
And I can't see why a roach,
Would want to approach this place at night!
Even cats love to play with that.
A mouse or a rat would snore in here!
It's clear some lies have flown.

I might have lied when I said to you...
I was blond and muscular and six feet two!
But you went much too far to get someone,
To join you behind these walls.
For some 'realtime' fun?
I can't believe I fell for this!
And you're no Halle Berry either!
Why didn't you tell me...
You were more like Butterfly McQueen! ?
And I would have found it fit to sing,
On my banjo for this 'visit'!

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Ah Lawrence, the vagaries of ethereal love given flesh. Empty promises filling empty shells. Never been there. Ain't never goin now! !